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Brand new!!!! Cheapest ever !!!

Macedonian into English for $0.02 per source word.

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Phone numbers: 00389- 78-55-11-33

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Translate into Macedonian
Translate documents or web sites into Macedonian.
Affordable prices: $0.02 per translated word

Freelance Jobs

We are company which employs freelance translators from all over the world. We are working in translation field for more than 7 years. 

Our team of translators are offering:

Translations from Macedonian to English – vice versa

• Serbian to English

• Croatian to English

• Russian to English

• Writing ( high quality articles with no typos, grammatical errors and 100% original)

• Rewriting articles

• Data entry

• Typing

We can work in any MS office application.


$0.02 source word
Albanian Translation
Easy, fast, punctual and cheap!
Translation provided by native translators! - prodavnica za majice

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Napomena: Nemojte koristiti nasa slova (slova sa kukicama) i velika slova. Nepoznatu rec pisite malim slovima engleske abecede.

ako sakate prevod na eden specificen zbor od Angliski na makedonski mozete da go koristite ovoj recnik - prodavnica za majice, - prodavnica majica, - prodavnica majica. - prodavnica majica.

How to get fast and accurate Macedonian translation? Are you interested in English into Macedonian translation? Do you need your translation to be performed at highest quality and without any grammatical mistakes? Our company – Pink Partner is proud to announce that the team of translators who are working in translation from English into Macedonian have all necessary criteria for fast accurate and quality Macedonian translation. Finding Macedonian translators for lowest prices Pink Partner has the most competitive prices for English into Macedonian translation. Our team is prepared to translate all kind of documents. We are also translating Web sites from English into Macedonian. The translators employed in this company have excellent experience in translation. They are working in this field for more than 10 years and have translated more than 1000 pages from English into Macedonian. We guarantee the quality of the translated material. Although the quality is the best on the market our prices are the competitive and maybe the lowest on the market. About the Macedonian language Macedonian is the language spoken by the people who are living into Macedonia. The number of people who are speaking Macedonian is estimated that is around 3 million. Macedonian language is one of the Slaws languages and this is why this language is similar with all other slaws languages (Russian, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian etc.) Cyrillic letter are used for writing in this language but some letters differ from all other slaws languages. It is worthwhile to mention that Macedonia is the cradle of this Cyrillic letters. This language has difficult to learn grammar. Translation services performed by Pink Partner We are performing high quality English into Macedonian translation. Also, we are translating from Macedonian into English and from Macedonian into all other European languages and also into Japanese and Arabic. On our customer demand the employees in Pink Partner can translate text from all European languages plus Japanese and Arabic into Macedonian. We are translating all kind of documents and web sites. We also have experts for translating in any required field (medical, law, economy, technical, poetry etc.). Document will be returned in same format as the source material or document. If you are interested in our service please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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